Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Help Save The Monarchs

Monarch Cats On The Move
Young one week old Monarch caterpillars
Our first batch of Monarch caterpillars are eating their way through tons of milkweed right now and are for sale at the Hop'n Blueberry Farm, call us.  These cats were hatched from just a few monarch butterflies that were on the farm in early April.  These Monarchs were from the few returning butterflies coming up from Mexico this year and were the original butterflies that flew down to Mexico last year from the northern US and southern Canada.

In case you weren't aware, the migrating Monarchs are in grave danger of becoming an extinct event.  The numbers are incredibly low this year.  In fact, less than half of last years numbers and down 75% or more than just 4 years ago.  Much of this it is generally accepted due to Monsanto's generically modified "roundup" ready crops and the over spraying of herbicides killing thousands of acres of milkweed, the only plant that the Monarch caterpillars eat.
Female Monarch on Buddleia
One way you can help save the monarch migration is to plant milkweed!  As much of it as you can.  We generally have seed here, but a we had mice get into our stock and clean us out.  Check with your favorite nursery to see if they have one or two of the many species of milkweed (Asclepias).  And, of course another way is to purchase one of our caterpillars and follow it as it changes into a chrysalis and finally hatching into your very own Monarch.

If you are interested in getting your own caterpillar, you must have access to milkweed to feed it.  They require fresh leaves every day.  Call us for more info.  

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