Thursday, February 26, 2015

The Last Of Winter?

It has been quite some time since my last post, but, when the farm doesn't change much during the winter, there is not much to see, except for these pics of our last snow.
vAlthough this light 4.5 inch snow was only the second for the year, our first snowfall of 3 inches occurred just two days ago.  Our average for winter here in this area of NC. is about 28 inches!
The butterfly fight house
One of the wildest things on the farm was the butterfly flight house under a cover of snow.  This is why we don't have butterflies in the winter.

The Ruth Collins Butterfly House
The entrance of the house looks the same, but inside the house was really a different look for me.  It appeared to have a hard covering over it.
The other photos are of the Bee Hotel, and The Chicken Coop (as seen from Mars)
Inside the butterfly house with snow cover
Native Bee Hotel 

The chicken coop as seen from space
If the earth thaws and it doesn't rain, we are going for a whole new crop planting.
More to come on that.