Saturday, July 12, 2014

Chrysalis On A Stick And Milkweed

We just now have our first monarch butterfly chrysalises!  This is great news as I am starting to do my part in helping with the declining monarch population.  These chrysalises were from 4 monarchs that visited my farm in April more than likely returning from Mexico.  I have over 100 and am offering them for sale attached to a stick stand so you can watch the transformation yourself in the confines of your own home.  I call it a "Chrysalis On A Stick".

This is a great opportunity for self educators, summer camps, schools, and individuals to be able to see the transformation from a green chrysalis to a transparent shell where you can actually see the butterfly inside and, if you are patient enough, to watch the butterfly hatch out.  When the butterfly hatches out, you to can do a part in increasing the population by releasing them.

We don't really want to ship these guys out, so coming by the farm is the only way to get one of these at a cost of $8 each.  Give us a call and set up a time to pick them up.  All the info is on our

And if it is milkweed you want, we also sell some here at the farm.  Plant it and do a big part in providing a food source for the monarch caterpillar insuring that the monarch migration may not disappear.

See you soon!

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