Saturday, January 8, 2011

Calm Before the Storm?

Wow, what a season so far. Our snow yesterday and most of the day today produced maybe 3 or 4 inches but who knew with the gusty 30 mph. winds. Here the pump house is barely visible from the warmth of the farm house. My wife calls the snow a waste coming on the weekend. If it were on the weekday she would miss work. Remind you of your school days?
Well, she may get her wish as a major south rising winter storm is forecasted for Monday. Will I ever get anything done other than stoking the stove and watching snow fall?

The blueberry rows are just waiting for the next storm to come as well. Who knows, I might get finished mulching the last few bushes by the time the snow melts--next spring?

This final shot of the flight house looks cold doesn't it. I have been working hard to expand the marketing for the butterfly flighthouse this coming spring. I am hoping to get some more publicity published in some of the local tourist magazines and news periodicals. I am also considering joining the Black Mountain Chamber of Commerce.