Friday, December 10, 2010

Hop'n Blueberry Farm in Back Home Magazine

Wow, we are excited to be in the latest issue, Jan-Feb 2011, of Back Home magazine. This is a really great magazine that I have subscribed to for quite sometime. It is all about sustainable living and is a must for the farm as far as I am concerned, and not just because they have an article about my farm in it( although that makes em pretty cool!)

It was written by Jennifer McGaha whose daughter volunteered at the farm for this years Family Farm Tour. Jennifer came out later and spent a few hours with me on the farm. I have not yet read the article, but it is on page 40. I think there are even some good ole color photos in there as well.

I am currently trying to thaw out some ground and mulch here on the farm and am working on trying to secure some more funding for the farm for 2011 when it is too cold to work outside. The funding will be crucial to the survival of the farm in the near future and it sure consumes a lot of time, but hopefully it will pay off and I can really get to work expanding the farm.

If you can't find Back Home magazine, by the way, look on line at
You can order it there.

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