Monday, December 27, 2010

Christmas Snow on the Farm

Our Christmas day was indeed white here on the farm. It literally snowed all day Saturday the 25th starting at 6 am. and lasting until 7 AM. on Monday. We got around 9 inches of snow and it provided for a good blanket of insulation on the blueberries above.
The butterfly flight house and milkweed field blanketed by snow.

Here are the blueberry starts under cover of landscape fabric behind the pump house. I put the fabric down earlier this month due to the harsh and cold temperatures this month. I believe that it will go down as the coldest December on record for this part of the county. The temperature has only reached an average high two days this month.
Luckily, most of the time the plants have been covered in snow providing some relief to the below average temperatures. It has been 9 degrees twice and we have had over 16 inches of snow to boot. Looks like we will be breaking out the short sleeves soon however, as the forecast calls for 55 degrees on Dec. 31st.

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