Monday, September 7, 2009

I got the 8N blues

Seems like when it rains it pours, as a matter of fact, that's exactly what it is doing now. That gives me a chance to write about the troubles with the ole tractor. I have it up again for sale in various listings and decided to lower the price. It is currently lower than any 8N out there and I have had a few calls on it.

Since the tractor was up for sale, I decided to dress it up. Washing and cleaning it for the first time since I have had it. I also adjusted the brakes and put in new spark plugs for the first time also. Wow, it's nice to have brakes and 4 cylinders to run on. She is purring like a kitten now.

I figured since the bush hog was still mounted, I would start to mow down the summer weeds around the farm. All was going well, when all of a sudden I hit, of all things, my other bush hog and poked a hole in the side-wall of the rear tire.

What a disaster that was. I already had the lowest price I could possibly go and had several people lined up to look at it. Now she is jacked up and tireless. Those tires ain't cheap! I am also dealing with 25 gallons of antifreeze in the tire that I have drained out of the tire for added weight.

Well, at least it will have new tires all the way around and maybe I will just keep it since it is running and looking better than it ever has. Hopefully, if bad things happen in three's, all of my mechanical woes are over with for now.

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