Friday, April 25, 2014

Hawaiian Tour At The Farm

We were honored to welcome the Agricultural Leadership Program Class from Hawaii to the farm last week.  The Agricultural Leadership Foundation of Hawai‘i provides leadership development opportunities for those working in Hawaii's agriculture, natural resource management and rural communities. 
I met folks that were doing everything from farming fish in the ocean to breeding new plants as well as University professors.  There were 16 of them that have been on a week long tour of North Carolina visiting farms and agriculture adventures from the coast to the mountains where my farm was targeted as an example of sustainability and history. 
A group shot of the crew

I got to show them all about the farm from our latest addition to alternative energy, the ram pump

The ram pump is able to pump water 3 times higher than the source and uses not electricity, gas, or other conventional energy source other than gravity.
and also let them see out total solar array, solar hot water system, gravity feed drip irrigation, and our composting two room toilet facility.

We look at our hop plants just out of the ground as well.  Hops never, ever, fail to get attention.
I have one last thing to say, aloha, but bring your jackets!

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