Monday, July 1, 2013

Hops and Blueberries

With the help of Owen, my new hops manager, we have finally finished our third pruning and weeding.  Why would anyone ever want to grow this never ending problematic crop?  Good tasting beer is the only reason.  I would estimate on my 4 rows of hops alone, we spent a total of 40 hours pruning and weeding this time creating a mound of weeds and hops leaves and vines from 40 wheel barrows of waste!
But my, don't they look nice for a week!


Oh well, already, we have started on the 5th prune and should start our first harvest sometime next week.  Be sure to stay up with us if you want hops for your home brewing starting sometime in late July.  And this year, we are anxious about supplying Black Mountains newest brewery, Lookout Brewery with hops for their beer.  Look out for that.  They have already produced a beer from our hops and it was one of their best.  Why wouldn't it be?

Ok, now on to blueberries.  We have em.
This is our first full year of production and they are big and juicy, well worth the wait.  I wasn't going to open up the farm for U-Pick this year, but I can't seem to keep up with them, so their is a possibility that some folks could get the chance to pick.  Just call us and let's see it we can work out a time.  Otherwise, I am still holding off until 2015, or maybe just until next year, who knows. 
blueberry cream cheese cake!
 MMmmmmmmm good!

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