Sunday, August 26, 2012

Highlands Brewing and Monarchs

How in the world does the title of this blog have anything in common.  Well if it is my farm, the Hop'n Blueberry Farm, then the answer is obvious if you know anything about us.  The title relates to two of our most popular products, hops and butterflies.

Highland Brewing Company, Western North Carolina most prominent and successful brewery, is getting ready to release their newest seasonal premium beer.  One that was made with hops from our farm.  It should be available to folks next week.  Be sure to check with Highlands to get the release date for sure. 

The hops were picked fresh by yours truly and help from Grant DaSantos, the tasting room manager, and John Lyda, the head brewer, three weeks ago and added to John's secret recipe.  If it is anything like Highlands last local hop beer, made from my friend Josh Smith of OB Joyful Hops Farm, then it is going to be a most tasty treat! 

Now on the other part of the title.  These are the first pictures of the young babies, or eggs, that will develop into the butterflies going to Mexico. These Monarch eggs, we have over 300 of them,  are scheduled to fly in about 5 weeks to Mexico.

We are the only place in America that teaches our Monarchs to speak Spanish.  Be sure to keep up with our tagging day to come in late September.  As a matter of fact, we are already tagging Monarchs on the farm, just in case there is a early departure this year.

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