Sunday, July 22, 2012

UNC-TV Films At The Farm And The Hop Harvest Tour

John Litschke film Van Burnette

John Litschke of J. Martin Productions recently filmed our farm for a segment on the popular UNC-TV show, North Carolina Weekend.  John, along with videographer Adam Foster spent most of the day shooting for the upcoming show that should air around mid-September.

They interviewed my wife Martha and several other people that showed up for a tour of the farm that day.  There were young children, teenagers, and adults alike that were ask to be a part of the process in front of the camera.
Martha Howell Burnette gets in the spotlight

This is the second time in a month or so that the Hop'n Blueberry Farm has been featured on camera.  We are hoping for the best results with increased awareness for our farm and for future tours.
Shannon Hunt watches her son get interviewed

2nd Annual Hop Harvest Tour

This year we had a good crowd of enthusiastic folks show up for the tour.  Everyone on them were tuned in and all wanted to know more than any other group that I have ever dealt with in terms of learning about growing hops.

We had some big cones and full vines to show off to the crowd and I had the yard in good "show" shape.  I honestly think that this crowd this year was more interested in seeing and touching the hops than drinking them. 

But, when the drinking light was turned on, the samples flowed freely once again from Pisgah Brewing Company newest rendition of the now famous "Burnette's Fresh Hop" beer.  This years recipe is probably the best in 4 years.  I was able to spice up the batch with Josh Smith's OB Joyful Hopfarms chinook hops this year.   His addition really made a difference in the taste.

Are we planning another?  Maybe, we will see in a few days, so better not wait, get on down to a Pisgah beer venue and try it out.  It will only last another week or so.

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