Thursday, May 31, 2012

Huge Success Of Volunteer's Work

Top Gun Volunteer Crew, Lee, Tony, and John
It is often hard to believe how much work it takes to run a farm, especially when the only field hands I have on the farm are my right and left hands.  Today, other than my steady good friend Tony, who has logged more hours on my farm than Andy Griffith Show repeats, I was astonished to get two enthusiastic worker from Columbia South Carolina.

Lee Snelgrove and John Codega are avid home brewers and potential commercial brewers who responded to a facebook invite to any home brewer that wanted to come out to the farm and learn all there is to growing hops while getting their hands dirty.  They did just that and are scheduled to come out tomorrow as well, depending on their ability to iron out some muscles and avoid some potential rain. 

How a row of hops looked before pruning
The above photo is how one of my 8 rows of hops looked before the never ending pruning and weeding that must be done every week if you have the time.  I obviously don't. (Could it be that there is a dozen other never ending jobs?)

  And this "after" shot, shows what every hop yard ought to look like!  How can I thank these guys for getting half of my rows done today. 

A documentary film crew is scheduled to arrive at the farm Saturday and hops are the focus.   Thanks Tony, Lee, and John for all the help to make things look right.
Field boss with volunteer crew

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