Sunday, June 6, 2010

Beer City Festival Was A Hopping Success!

It was amazing how the scene at the newly renovated Asheville City County Plaza transformed. What started out as a scene of 20 some white tents spread out over the commons in front of the Buncombe County Courthouse and the Asheville City Building with people busily setting up kegs of beer and children playing in the fountain, quickly grew into a mini-city of wall to wall people smiling, talking, listening to music, and of course, sampling some of the finest brews in the country.

The Hop'n Blueberry Farm was there with hops on. Our farm, along with the other 3 farms that are part of the Southern Applachian Hops Guild, set up shop along with the brewers. With our new banner flying in the hot afternoon breeze, folks started noticing and coming up to our tent to learn about the mysterious flavor ingredient of their favorite beverage in between filling their cups with fresh beer samples.
Pictured above with our new banner are John and Rita Pelczar with Blue Ridge Hops Farm, yours truly, and Scott Grahl and Stephanie Wilis of the Winding River Hops Farm.

Stay tuned for more about this festival and pictures coming this week.

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  1. Yes, I can see how amazing this place just by seeing the picture above. I wish I could visit the Asheville city soon. Thank you for posting this article.