Saturday, March 6, 2010

Organics Growers School

If you are not familiar with the Organic Growers School, then, by all means, please look them up and try to make an appearance at this conference. It is a power-packed, fun-networking, all inspiring opportunity to learn about everything from growing hops to making goat cheese.

I was one of the speakers there today talking about growing hops with a general population of 1300 eager folks wanting to learn as much as they could in a two-day span. My class was full, and I presented my first PowerPoint presentation and video combination with what seemed to be accurate precision, ending my allotted 1.5 hour talk with no time to spare.

I will be presenting the same presentation tomorrow, Sunday March 6, at 2 pm. It is held at UNCA and very convenient to folks in the area. Come on out and see it if you can, but beware, it is suppose to be 60 degrees tomorrow, and playing ho0key from such an event is a good possibility for most of us that have been cooped up!

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