Saturday, February 20, 2010

A Warm Day, IE--Sping Fever

53 Degrees today! It's like spring. There is still snow on the ground in the shade, but I bet I was not the only farmer in Buncombe County that was out today assessing and addressing the farm that has long been hidden under a layer of snow.

Yesterday we had a hop tour of the farm from a small group from Durham, NC. They were bundled up as I talked their ears off for over an hour. I thought it was a glorious day with the 43 degree temperature, but it was not that warm I guess for them.

Our average temperature range for the first 19 days of Feburary here at the farm was 30.8 degrees. I dread the big thaw that is coming. Mud, mud, and more mud with little chance for pl0wing or working the soil for some time I am afraid. Oh well, let's just take it one day at a time.


  1. I've never been to Durham, NC, it seems like a nice place to come for a visit.How is the weather there in the summer? What are the chance of hurricanes and floods?

  2. Must have been hard to tend a farm under those conditions, especially after the Winter season. Toiling the soil and plowing the snow off your farm takes too much time and energy, especially with that low temperature.

  3. Durham is 4 hours east of here. It is hot in the summer and not much chance of hurricanes and occasional flooding.