Monday, October 12, 2009

Blueberry maintenance

I have started my winterising of the irrigation for my blueberries and hops. The rainfall we have been getting for October is about average and I would say that our first freeze is not that far down the road. I drained all lines except for my misting station where I will continue misting at a reduced misting rate of five seconds every 25 minutes for 4 hours to help harden off the plants. I have rolled up my drip lines and labeled them for next year.

I also started my final weeding for the blueberries. Hopefully this will help keep any weed seed from being directly seeded into my beds. I am currently taking an organics workshop at the Buncombe County Extension service taught by Sue Colucci. Our next class Tuesday night is all about weeding so I will come in with good experience and dirt under the fingernails.

With fall upon us, my favorite time of the year, I have played hooky a couple of times recently and have taken a tour of the high country above me. I have included one shot taken at Craggy Gardens that shows the brilliant Mountain Ash berries in full display.
. Looking north from Craggy Pinnacle

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